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Vision Systeme

Vision inspection

Vision inspection systems belong to IML systems just like the label does to IML! In order to offer IML users an optimal solution in the area of optical inspection systems from a single source, Beck Automation has entered into a collaboration with Intravis. From now on, Beck Automation offers the option of its high-performance IML systems as turn-key solutions with fully integrated vision systems from Intravis. In doing so, Beck Automation is in charge of system integration and responsibility for the vision system. The vision system is fully integrated into the IML system before being delivered to customers. After commissioning, Beck Automation customers can profit from Intravis' global service network.

Kunststoff Bügel

plastic handles

The handle can be injection molded in-line or separately on another machine. At the end, the handle must be assembled with the pail or container. Ask us for the best solution.

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full pack-out & into the Box

From fully automatic part removal, QC inspection, stacking and sleeving of parts, and then putting them into the box. It all comes down to finding the optimal solution and the right concept!