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IML Robots

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for pails

Round, rectangular, oval, sqaure pails. IML Full-wrap labels, two half-labels or partial surface-labels.

For lids / trays

Whether for ice-cream margarine, or cheese..... 3 or 5-sided labels, Full wrap or Partial labels. Nearly every geometry is possible.

for containers & cups

Round, oval or square containers or cups with IML
Airline cups, yoghurt cups, containers for cheese, containers for household products.

for cartridges / tubes / Lipsticks

Cartridges, Tubes, Lipsticks with IML. Diameter down to 10mm!

For Special Applications

Ask us what is possible with IML. We advise and help customers with the development of their product and label geometry. Share with us your ideas and wishes. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.