Service Products



We provide our service from 5 different locations: Switzerland / USA / Malaysia / Chile / China All coordination is managed in Switzerland.


Maintenance / Training

Preventive maintenance will increase the lifetime and availability of your IML system greatly. Make use of our wide spectrum of experience to optimize your IML production. We strongly recommend to schedule time for training during every visit of our technicians. Frequent training helps to develop and improve constantly.



Careful optimization, harmonic processes, new development. We’re always there for you. Please feel free to contact us, to speak about the latest technical solutions!

Remote Access

Remote Access

We access to your system for production monitoring in real time. We’ll get all the relevant information to help you most efficiently. Additionally, we’re pleased to offer you our maintenance contract to check your systems parameters frequently to predict possible issues


Spare parts

Delivering spare parts within the shortest possible time, express manufacturing of your parts, standard parts delivered from stock. Our stock contains over 500 different parts and components, as well for systems which are older than 10 years!