About IML

What is IML?

In-Mould-Labeling (IML) is a decorating application primarily seen in injection molding but also thermoforming. During the molding cycle a substrate such as plastic film, paper label or any other printed or textured film is placed into the mold cavity and then over-molded. Therefore in one single, demanding process, the best quality printed images are produced.

In the manufacturing of packaging, this process of IML is often used, especially where the best quality labels are required. Here are a few important attributes about IML.

- Best quality decoration and layouts are possible.
- Optical effects such as high gloss, matt, Orange peel or even holograms are possible.
- Through the label selection, the final surface finish of the part can be influenced.
- With new label technology a metalized effect is possible
- The smallest print type is possible for technical details
- All sides of the part can be decorated in one step.
- Minimal contamination of the container is achievable with this integrated process.
- The IML label also reinforces the thinwall product.
- Highest efficiency when doing changeovers
- Reduction in plastic resin by using IML labels
- The finished, decorated product does from production direct to the end customer
- The IML label cannot be removed from the plastic part