In-mould labelling (IML) technology

Use in the food sector

Verpackungen auf Foerderband

In-mould labelling (IML) technology guarantees the implementation of a creative customer approach.

Because the battle for the customer is a constant companion for all those involved in the food industry. Not only food producers, but also supermarket and discounter chains are trying to win over customers for their products with ever new, creative and complete measures. Packaging plays an important role in this. IML plays a central role in the topic of sustainable packaging and the circular economy.

Applications from the food industry make up a large part of the field of application of our IML systems. It doesn't matter how big the packaging is: from multi-litre pails for bulk buyers to yoghurt pots and coffee capsules, different packaging sizes are labelled on our systems.

Product examples In-Mold-Labeling (IML) technology in the food sector

Small Pails

Lid and Tubs


Drink Cups

Use in the non-food sector

Addressing customers via the packaging is also a focus in the non-food sector.

Here, technical information, some of which is small and detailed, is particularly important. This information must also be easily legible after labelling. The IML process must therefore meet the highest demands of the customer and his end consumers.

The IML technology also offers the advantage that a label is inseparably connected to the pail.

Especially in the non-food sector, this is often a strong argument in favour of the IML process, since in many cases paint pails, for example, are still used years later as transport aids or containers. Once a logo has been "printed on" it remains visible forever.

A wide variety of packaging can be labelled on our IML systems: from large paint pails to cartridges for silicone and lubricants to plastic containers for cleaning media. Especially for pails and other larger packaging shapes, we offer automatic handle assembly.

Product examples In-Mold-Labeling (IML) technology in the non-food sector

Caulking Tubes

Big Pails