Guiding Principles

Vision Beck Automation

Beck Automation is a preferred & highly rated partner in the plastics industry and as a Swiss technology enterprise, it is one of the leading IML (In Mould Labelling) automation specialists  in the world.

Company philosophy

Beck Automation develops innovative automation solutions for the plastics processing industry that ensure the highest quality and efficiency a a central component in the production process

Beck Automation respects all the requirements from all groups & stakeholders to balance everyones best interests. The long-term and independent existence is guaranteed through lasting, organic growth producing a healthy, efficient and attractive company.

Nicolas Beck, CEO
Nicolas Beck

Promises to all stakeholders


Beck Automation generates the necessary financial means to guarantee constant & continued existence, the permanent advancement of the company it's products as well as other services.

1. Employees

Beck Automation ensures long-term job opportunities for the employees, involves employees in decision-making processes, and offers contemporary & attractive work environments as well as terms of employment. Beck Auto­mation encourages and promotes employees to develop future or market driven opportunities.

2. Customers

Beck Automation guarantees a comprehensive offer which focuses on current and future customer or market needs. This includes fulfilling the highest quality standards in design, development, engineering & manufacturing of robots, automation systems as well as service support. Beck Automation puts great effort & value into developing and maintaining personal and lasting customer relations.

3. Suppliers

Beck Automation has transparent business relations with suppliers, that are based on Fairness, Quality & Trust. Suppliers are invited to participate in the development processes from an early stage, to focus on the future together.

4. Partners

Beck Automation offers it's products in cooperation with machinery suppliers, label suppliers & mold-makers. Centre to this is the common goal of customer satisfaction and a fair balance of interests. To this purpose, services & technology are further developed and enhanced. This working relationship is founded on Confidentiality, Fairness, Respect & Transparency.

5. Investors & Shareholders

Beck Automation values the interests of shareholders and ensures they make a reasonable rate of return. Beck Automation is committed to paying back all outstanding loans according to the agreed terms and conditions.

6. Community

Beck Automation has a longstanding connection to Oberengstringen and makes sure they are the largest industrial employer for work & apprenticeships. Beck Automation recognizes and complies with all environmental standards and legal requirements, as a minimum standard.

Compiled by: Shareholders, Administrative Council, Management & Employees.


  • Today
  • 2020
  • 2016
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  • Today

    Today the company is in the hands of the 3rd family generation; and the current owners, Christian and Nicolas Beck, have worked closely with their father, Michel Beck (Beck Senior) to develop the company in the past 20 years.

  • New manufacturing location

    On June 29th, we laid the foundation stone for our new plant in Portugal. On 3000 m2 we are building an industrial hall with 1800 m2 of usable space for over 60 employees. Even in this not easy time around Covid-19, we want to sustainably develop Beck Automation and invest in the future. The move in is planned for spring 2021.

  • International orientation

    Beck Automation AG opened a new manufacturing location in Braga, Portugal on 1st August 2016. The new location provides better access to Europe and South America as well international purchasing. Primarily this facility will assemble the BASIC=IML systems.

  • The next generation

    This independent family company was taken over by the young Beck generation. With pioneering spirit and business foresight a stable foundation is created for an efficient global market presence.

  • On the way to high-tech robotics

    The distribution and sale of graphics equipment & accessories is continued, however the introduction of automation technology especially the IML process occurred – the first step into Hi-Tech Robotics!

  • Automation technology

    The company focused more & more on the special area of automation technology and In-Mold-Labelling (IML) process. With a great commitment and pioneering spirit the company took on this challenge.

  • New standards

    Different technologies were setting new industry standards and the company had to contend with the aspects and changes. Result: the consideration of building up a new business unit focused on automation technology.

    Alongside the distribution of graphical equipment to the printing industry until the 1990’s, different speciality, high quality products were offered:

    • Hohn-Tooling
    • Hohn-Machines
    • Pneumatic Measuring devices
    • Automation Elements?
    • Fixturing devices
  • Founding

    Oscar Beck, Great-uncle to the current owners, founded the company to sell graphic and printing equipment & accessories to the printing industry.