Why BECK Automation?

As a Swiss technology company, we are pioneers in the field of IML and specialists in automation processes. We have been a preferred and valued partner to the plastics industry for more than 36 years. Our automation solutions stand for precision, efficiency, durability and the highest quality.

Thanks to our customer proximity, we understand their needs and recognize new developments and trends at an early stage. Our global sales and service network guarantees this customer proximity throughout the entire life cycle of our machines.

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Our systems ensure an extremely homogeneous production process in which movements are carried out separately and divided into modules. Our automation solutions operate very smoothly even with the shortest intervention times. Encapsulated assemblies are protected against contamination and reduce potential sources of interference, especially in the immediate vicinity of the product. Energy-efficient and powerful servomotors operate quietly and make an important contribution to sustainability.

An optimally designed production process in the smallest possible space reduces part costs and ensures technological and therefore economic advantages for our customers.

Swiss Engineering is a seal of quality to which we are committed. This philosophy accompanies us from the development of new solutions to after-sales service and stands for well considered concepts, precision, clear structures and the use of state-of-the-art materials. The result is high-quality machines and systems down to the smallest detail, from a torsion-resistant steel frame to an often invisible small precision component.

We face very high demands in the production of modern packaging solutions. Not only can we map these technically, we can also validate and document them.

We maintain a global network. In addition to our headquarters in Switzerland and many service and sales locations worldwide, we opened a new plant in Portugal in 2021 and expanded our US representation. Wherever we are not represented by our own employees, we work with long-standing partners.

Long before the sale is concluded, customer orientation is a top priority for us. Thanks to our well-organized and global service network, this remains the case throughout the entire service life of our machines. Our employees around the world have in-depth automation know-how and many years of experience in the development, production and use of automation solutions.

Furthermore, our customers benefit from short response times, fast availability of spare parts and highly trained service technicians. With BeXpert, we also offer a service product that proactively ensures maximum availability over the entire service life of a system.

We are driven by challenging projects. We continuously develop the latest application technologies for efficient automation processes and therefore achieve the maximum for our customers. In doing so, we also think outside the box in order to generate sustainable, long-term added value.

This is why we are pioneers in IML, who have set standards in the packaging industry with many innovations. Because this remains our goal, we are not resting on our achievements.

We strive for long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We communicate on an eye-to-eye level in order to develop new solutions together. Uncomplicated and short decision-making processes are therefore part of our business philosophy. Our customers benefit from this just as much as we do.

In order to implement new technologies and developments and further improve our products and services, we continuously invest in our infrastructure. As a result, our customers receive technically mature products that are more than "state of the art".

Strong customer service and a broad technology network of different partners who support the development of solutions are part of this corporate philosophy.


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