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IML robot


The application spectrum ranges from very small packaging such as coffee capsules, to silicone cartridges or yoghurt pots, to 30L paint pails. There is almost no type of packaging for which we have not already developed an IML decoration solution.



The BECK MEDICAL IML is a high-precision manufacturing system specifically designed for the production of medical plastic injection parts. The system enables end-to-end manufacturing that is precise, highly efficient, hygienic and repeatable in the smallest of spaces.


BECK Basic

The BASIC IML machine is a standard machine designed for IML labelling of round, square, rectangular, oval pails and containers produced by injection moulding.



For a long time it was hardly possible to produce packaging such as lids or trays on the same line as cups or pails. Our BECK-FLEX system provides a remedy here. The BECK-FLEX line has been developed for maximum flexibility with minimum changeover time.

Take-Out System

BECK Take-out

These systems, which enter the injection moulding machine from the side, achieve cycle times of less than 2 seconds. Thanks to our very robust and durable design, coupled with intelligent lightweight construction of the dynamically moving parts, we are able to build an optimal automation solution even for very fast production processes.

Down Stream equipment

BECK Down Stream

The systems offer sufficient buffer space for full as well as empty cartons and thus guarantee maximum autonomy. The finished product stacks are placed horizontally into the boxes by means of special grippers.

Beck Automation_Drahtbügelautomat

BECK Bailer

The BECK Bailer enables the fully automatic assembly of support handles on buckets with a diameter of 175mm to 380mm. The equipment is a stand-alone system that can be operated autonomously thanks to its own control system.