BECK Bailer

BECK Bailer for metal handles

The BECK Bailer enables the fully automatic assembly of support handles on buckets with a diameter of 175mm to 380mm. The equipment is a stand-alone system that can be operated autonomously thanks to its own PLC.

The buckets are fed individually to the Bailer via a conveyor belt. Through the automation they are positioned precisely and oriented to the bracket hole. The metal rods are distributed by a magazine. From there they are automatically separated. As a first station, a grip roll is pushed onto the metal rod. After the grip roll has been positioned, the nubs are formed on the rods ends and the ends are then bent 90°. The next station uses forming plate and forming rollers to form the rod into the desired handle shape. All the individual steps for the handle production are carried out sequentially at separate stations. As a result, the finished shaped handle achieves a high degree of repeatability. This increases the process stability of the next steps and the quality of the finished product.

The finished handle is conveyed to the conjunction station, where the buckets and the handle are precisely aligned and the ends of the rod are pressed into the holes. Both sides of the handle on the product are monitored. If there is no rod or if it is pressed in only onesided, the bucket is not stacked and goes to the exit conveyor. The tested products can be stacked. The finished piles are transported out of the system by a conveyor belt.

Added value:

  • Autonomous system with integrated control
  • Covering a wide range of products (approx. 2L to 40L)
  • Fast cycle time of 3.5s for the whole product range
  • Important operations are electrically driven and can be controlled via the HMI
  • Easy and fast set changeover
  • Storage space for set parts
  • Wear parts can be replaced in short time and are cost-effective
  • Fast relocation and positioning of the system within the production line

BECK Bailer for plastic hangers

From the assembly of plastic handles on buckets and other packaging processes, to the piling of the finished product, we offer comprehensive automation solutions. Our systems produce and attach plastic handles fully automated then stack the buckets downstream.

With this we offer fully automatic handle assembly in various designs, from single buckets to flexible systems in which different bucket sizes can be processed. This eliminates time-consuming manual installation, which optimizes the overall production of the packaging in terms of cycle time and costs.