For highly flexible IML requirements, we have just the right solution.

For a long time it was hardly possible to produce packaging such as lids or trays on the same line as cups or pails. Our BECK-FLEX system provides a remedy here. The BECK-FLEX line has been developed for maximum flexibility with minimum changeover time.

The system can not only be used for different types of packaging, but can also be used for 1 to 6-cavity moulds at the same time. All common label variations such as 3/5-side labels, full wrap labels and flat labels can be processed. The special design with preset, product-specific changeover assemblies allows changeover from a lid to a cup in less than an hour.

This makes the system particularly suitable for test centers and as a sampling system, but it can also be optimally used for the production of small batches. Especially for customers who are getting into IML applications and are not yet sure which packaging is to be produced in the future, this system represents the optimal solution.