With our experience in IML injection moulding of more than 35 years, we are able to develop an optimal automation solution for almost any application.

The application spectrum ranges from very small packaging such as coffee capsules, to silicone cartridges or yoghurt pots, to 60 L pails. There is almost no type of packaging for which we have not already developed an IML decoration solution.

We build our IML systems according to the specific requirements of our customers and integrate them into the design process if desired. We offer a wide range of options for our IML systems, be it the installation of a separate handle for a plastic pail, quality inspection using highly specialized camera systems or the connection of the system to a customer’s MES. There are hardly any limits to our possibilities. Furthermore, with our Down Stream automation solutions, we offer possibilities to pack the decorated products directly in plastic bags and/or to transport them fully automatically in cardboard boxes.

We primarily use servo motors for our movements that are state-of-the-art in terms of performance and energy consumption. Our systems are operated via touch panels with integrated maintenance plans and intuitive menu navigation. A very comprehensive documentation in the customer’s national language as well as CE or UL conformity are part of the scope of delivery of each system.

The lifespan of packaging designs is becoming shorter and shorter. For this reason, our systems are built in such a way that they can be used for several different types of packaging. It is very important to define in advance how large the range of applications must be in order to work out the right solution. Experienced employees support our customers in making the right decisions and ensure that the system meets the customer’s needs exactly in the end.