BECK Take-out

We not only build systems for the IML decoration of plastic packaging, but also use our automation know-how for the development of highly dynamic take-out systems in injection moulding.

These systems, which enter the injection moulding machine from the side, achieve cycle times of less than 2 seconds. Thanks to our very robust and durable design, coupled with intelligent lightweight construction of the dynamically moving parts, we are able to implement an optimal automation solution even for very fast production processes.

Take-Out System

After the products have been removed, there is the option of optical quality control, sorting out defective parts and stacking the good parts. Our systems in the field of down stream automation offer the possibility to pack the products directly in plastic bags and/or to transport them fully automated in cardboard boxes.

We primarily use servo motors for our movements that are state-of-the-art in terms of performance and energy consumption. Our systems are operated via touch panels with integrated maintenance plans and intuitive menu navigation. A very comprehensive documentation in the customer's national language as well as a CE or UL conformity are part of the scope of delivery of each system.