The BECK MEDICAL IML is a high-precision manufacturing system specially designed for the production of medical plastic injection parts. Instead of complex and failure-prone production steps with large logistical efforts, the BECK MEDICAL IML enables an end-to-end production that can be used precisely, highly efficiently, hygienically and repeatably in the smallest possible space. BECK MEDICAL IML’s IML section includes the label magazines, the label transport, the application of the labels to the insertion cores and, for products that require the highest accuracy, the label adjustment. Label adjustment, which compensates for the print-to-cut tolerance resulting from production, is performed by Beck’s high-precision label adjustment head.




  • High-precision automation: BECK MEDICAL IML ensures accurate and repeatable label positioning during the injection moulding process. This level of accuracy minimises waste and ensures consistent product quality.
  • Advanced visual inspection: advanced visual inspection technology ensures 100% quality control detects and rejects defective products in real time.
  • Integrated workflow: seamless communication between the different components of the system. This networked workflow reduces downtime and optimises production efficiency.
  • Excellent labelling: labels of the latest generation offer functional as well as decorative elements. RFID, QR codes, thermal indicators and digital watermarks. Connectivity, protection against counterfeiting and confusion are central components of tomorrow's medical components.